Your babies reflexes

Updated: Jul 23, 2020

So let's talk about reflexes. Your babies when they are born they are born with a number of reflexes, which are designed to keep them safe, but also to help them instigate feeding and make sure that they are nourishing themselves enough these are some of the better-known ones. You've got one called the palmar reflex, which is if you give something for a child to hold, they will grasp that very, very strongly. Any mums out there with long hair will know that they can grab very strongly and will not let go and go alongside this they also have what's called the plantar reflex, which is where the little toes on their feet also curl in really tightly and try to grab on to something as well. These two reflexes go back to our primitive days when babies were clinging on to mom and dad if we were running through the fire and climbing up trees and living in caves and we're still doing it today, those are two very strong reflexes.

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