Why Do Sensory Classes?

Well the main reason is that they’re fun! However, sensory classes encourage and stimulate your baby’s and pre-schooler’s sensory world. They are also designed to underpin your child’s cognitive development including such things as language skills, information processing and co-ordinating their movements. Each session has an accompanying fact about your child’s development that every parent will find interesting and fun.


The Sensory Class have used all this science to develop 12 sensory sessions that you can do with your baby and toddler whenever you want, as often as you want, all from the comfort of your own home and at an affordable price.


Through these classes, parents will enjoy being encouraged to play and interact with their babies and pre-schoolers whilst learning why sensory development is an important part of their child’s overall growth.

How To Use The Classes

Lots of parents enjoy doing a class or two each week, but you can do them every day if you want to. Ideally, they should be done in the order they run ie class 1, then class 2 etc so that there is a good variety of songs, games and activities to keep your child engaged.

Once all 12 sessions have been completed then do them again, starting from class 1 and watch the difference in how your child has developed and changed in the way they respond to and engage with the classes. For example, they may favour a particular item one time and then another when they repeat the class, or by the time they’ve done the set of 12 classes a couple of times, they may be holding the instruments themselves and banging them in time with the songs etc.

There is a chart that you can download under the Developmental section if you’d like to keep a record of your child’s progress.

What are the classes like?

All the sessions have been filmed with other parents and babies to make it feel as though you are participating in an actual class from the comfort of your own home and come with a sensory box full of fun and interesting items for your baby to use.

Each session has a different fairy story as a theme, but they all follow the same structure of some introductory songs, the story and sensory props, action song/games, baby signing, songs using instruments, bubbles and a light show.

Although the 12 sessions have been designed for babies they will continue to delight your child as they grow. Parents who reuse the sessions again and again will see how their children will engage differently with the sensory items, songs and activities as they make developmental progress

Why we created the sensory class

Unlike a lot of other online baby and pre-schooler websites, Sarah Savill has spent the last 5 years teaching all the 12 sessions for parents in village halls and community centres. She, therefore, knows how much the parents and children enjoy them and she wanted more parents to be able to access the sessions, especially parents who may not find it easy to get out to other classes because either classes weren’t available in their area, or not having transport, or due to illness or other family commitments. This is why she and Berti developed The Sensory Class.


I’m Sarah Savill, I have a daughter who is now nearing her teens, which means I know all about the joys and challenges that parenthood can bring.


I set up The Sensory Class to offer parents a selection of fun, interactive and professionally run classes from the comfort of your home, as I know that sometimes it is difficult to make it classes.


Please enjoy browsing and if you have any questions about any of the classes you can always contact me by clicking on the contact tab.




  • Foundation Degree in Antenatal Education, through NCT, accredited by Bedfordshire University

  • Certified Infant Massage Instructor, through IAIM, accredited by Royal College of Midwives

  • Qualified Baby Signing Teacher, through Touch Learn, accredited by IPTI

  • Qualified Sleep Trainer, through MNT Training, accredited by OCN